Rubyroid Labs: a quick glimpse into the team

If you are interested in how Rubyroid Labs makes successful software solutions, we offer you to explore the legendary team from inside.

Rubyroid Labs: how they do it

Comprised of over 40 developers, Rubyroid Labs has proved itself as one of the most skilled teams in the software developing industry. In this review, we are going to illustrate the basic principles of their work to understand what makes them different from others.

Ruby rules!

The team could have hardly achieved what they demonstrate today without Ruby – a programming language of the new generation. This object-oriented programming language boasts simple syntax and can be easily applied for any project. What’s more, it doesn’t need any complicated compilations or IDEs.

Many programmers of Rubyroid Labs came to Ruby from other programming languages, in particular, C++, C#, Delphi, and Pascal. All of them confess that Ruby enables them to create revolutionary business solutions and drastically boost the creative process.

Another great benefit of this programming language is its great community. So, anybody working with this framework has an excellent opportunity to be in touch with top-notch experts and gain valuable experience.

Outperforming rivals with MVC

There’s something special that gives ruby on rails developers an indisputable advantage over their competitors. It’s an MVC-centered mindset. Well, MVC stands for the Model-View-Controller. Developers utilize this pattern to create user interfaces. The given solution divides the development logic into three elements: the view, the model, and the controller.

Many professional programmers are assured that anybody willing to grasp the basics of web development should start exactly with Ruby on Rails. Aside from great ease of adoption, the given language will help the newcomer to share his vision of programming as a whole. So, when the programmer utilizes Ruby he or she clearly sees all the components any project is made of. Respectively, the programmer already knows how to approach it and which components need to be handled first. To learn more about Ruby view