JioFi routers are effective and easy to manage

Lots of Indians have to deal with low-speed connections from their broadband networks. This can be a big problem since we all need to consume more and more data every day in our work and personal lives. JioFi routers are a great alternative. These portable hotspots are pretty small and can fit into your pocket. Even if you use a 2G or 3G devices, connecting to such a router will give access to the 4G network capabilities.

And for us, non-techies, it’s important for the gadgets to be easy in maintenance. JioFi are exactly like that.

How to manage?

In order to change the settings for JioFi routers, users’ needs to log in at the special page where they’ll have to specify their credentials including the username and password.

There, they can change their passwords or adjust other parameters including security, encryption and channels used by the device.

And in case you’ve got confused when changing the settings, you can easily reset the values to the factory mode by pressing the Reset button and holding for around 30 seconds.