Exercises For Men And Women That Can Be Done Without Equipment

Maintaining a physique or losing one’s weight can be difficult at times and as many people tend to think requires hefty gym memberships and equipment. But this is not the true case! to get lean and build muscle one does not require expensive but dedication and a good routine with combined workouts. Some of the very effective and good workouts which can be performed without equipment along with taking bulking meal plan are discussed below:

  • Push-ups: This is one of the best forms of exercise which builds the shoulders and tones the arms. One will have to go into the push-up position and then will have to pull the body up and down with one’s hand in the floor at the shoulder width.


  • Reverse lunges: for strengthening the hips and thighs, reverse lunges are a must di exercise. For doing this exercise one needs to stand shoulder-width apart and then take an alternate step back in a way that a 90-degree angle is formed by the knee.


  • Mountain climber: one of the best and difficult cardio exercises that one can do without any equipment. Be in the push-up position and then climb the mountain quickly by being in the same position.


  • Hip bridges: build a toned hip and legs, by doing hop bridges for a few seconds as fast as possible. lie down and bend the knees upward, and then bring the hip upward by tightening the glutes.


  • Squats: hips, glutes, thighs, calves, etc. gets worked up while doing squats. One simply needs to stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Then bend the knee and go down with knee at a right angle to the ground.

If one can dedicate at least 15 to 20 minutes every day to perform these exercises then one notices some very healthy changes in one’s body after some time.