Three Good Minibuses for Anyone

We formed a top of best minibuses (minivans) for drivers with the class B CDL license in their pockets. These are mainly commercial vehicles one can use for small or medium business purposes.

Ford Transit

The seventh generation of Transits has its certain popularity in the US because of durability and the series history standing behind this model. Cars with up to 2000 kg of load have good control and dynamics characteristics. There are variants with rear or full-wheel drives and different engines. The height depends on modification (212-280 cm).

Mercedes-Benz Metris

Metris is a quite standard minivan with a sliding door and spacious interior. The vehicle has been present on the American market since 2015, and nothing looks like it is going to fall behind other competitors. 1.9L gasoline engine, 211 horse powers, 8 airbags, pressure, cruise-control and climate-control can be added to the package here.

Chevrolet Express

These commercial vehicles are used to transport small cargo. In America, Chevrolet Express is a frequent guest at construction sites. It is also widely used by moving companies due to its maneuverability and quite compact sizes. There are both gasoline and diesel engine variants with automated gearboxes. All-wheel drives are also available for additional costs. All-wheel drive Chevrolet Express exemplars are significantly more expensive than those of a standard package.